Monday, February 20, 2006

PRESS CLIPPINGS: Monday, February 20, 2006

1. The C-L sees through the governor's so-called Healthy Kids initiative.
Tobacco - The Clarion-Ledger:
There is nothing wrong with the programs the governor proposes. They just shouldn't be funded from the $20 million going to the state's effective anti-smoking effort.

His intentions are clear. Barbour has attempted to undo the settlement agreement on constitutional grounds that the court is appropriating money instead of the Legislature. That is why Moore supports House Bill 1115 and Senate Bill 2760, which would have the Legislature simply appropriate money to the Partnership to continue its good work.
2. David Hampton looks at the governor's double-speak on taxes.
Has Barbour convinced you a grocery tax cut is a tax hike? - The Clarion-Ledger:
I don't know of anybody who could make voters believe a proposal to do away with the sales tax on groceries is somehow a bad idea by any stretch of the imagination.

The same governor whose response to anything taxes is "I'm against raising anybody's taxes" has so far won the political battle in the Legislature and the public relations battle in the public on the proposal that would do more to lower taxes on average Mississippians than any tax reform measure that has come down in decades.
3. Greenwood Commonwealth says governor not credible on tobacco issues.
Greenwood Commonwealth - Opinion - 02/17/2006 - But boss not credible on teen smoking:
While Charlie Williams makes a good point about considering the grocery tax on its own merit, his boss doesn't have much credibility when it comes to protecting Mississippi's children from the dangers of smoking.

Gov. Haley Barbour Thursday unveiled his suggestions of how the state could better utilize the $20 million a year that now goes to a private nonprofit group that directs most of Mississippi's smoking cessation efforts.
4. Man, the governor can't catch a break. The Hattiesburg American pans his idea as well.
Hattiesburg American - - Hattiesburg, Miss.:
According to the Campaign for Tobacco Free-Kids, a Washington, D.C.-based health advocacy group: "The Partnership's programs (between 1999 and 2004) have reduced smoking by 48 percent among public middle school students and by 32 percent among public high school students. Mississippi's youth smoking declines far outpace the nation as a whole.

Enter Barbour, who has been attempting to dismantle The Partnership since he came into office.


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